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Generous Feinberg Supporters Honored at Annual Commitment to Scholarships Luncheon

Nearly 240 generous alumni, faculty, and friends of the medical school joined student scholars of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine on Saturday, April 28, to celebrate a wonderful year of support for scholarships and for Feinberg medical students.

“We are humbled to thank and honor so many donors—living and deceased—who have decided to pay it forward by committing funds in support of the next generation of Northwestern-trained physicians,” said Diane Wayne, ’91 MD. Dr. Wayne is the vice dean for Education, chair of the Department of Medical Education, and the Dr. John Sherman Appleman Professor of Medicine, and served as the luncheon’s emcee. She also is a supporter of the Lynda Singshinsuk Class of 1991 Scholarship.

Providing scholarship support for our exceptional trainees is one of the main priorities of We Will. The Campaign for Northwestern Medicine. Through this campaign and into the future, we hope to provide full-tuition support to all students, which would require an $800 million endowment for scholarships. Today, the Feinberg scholarship endowment stands at an approximate value of $172 million thanks to thousands of generous supporters who give to this priority area of need.

Recognizing Leaders in Scholarship Philanthropy

During the luncheon, Dr. Wayne introduced a new tradition. “This year and in the future, we plan to spotlight just a few of our many loyal supporters of scholarships, both large and small, who have made a difference through their giving, by inspiring others, and by just doing what they can to make a difference.”

Marianne M. Green, MD, who emceed a portion of the event, presented each of the honorees with a crystal apple in recognition of their commitment to scholarships at the medical school. Dr. Green is Raymond H. Curry, MD, Professor of Medical Education and senior associate dean for medical education.

Leslie Snorf and Dr. Charles Snorf (left and third from left, respectively) with Snorf Scholars: Claire Kwan, Anuj Chokshi, Megan Perez, and Francisco Cai (left to right).

Charles R. Snorf, ’58 MD, ’63 GMER, and Leslie Snorf

The Snorfs have been loyal supporters of Northwestern for more than 35 years. Dr. Snorf made his first gift to the Medical School Annual Fund in 1981. In 1997, the couple established the Snorf Medical Student Scholarship, which has supported 18 medical students since its inception.

Dr. and Mrs. Snorf share that they invest in entities that make up the fabric of society—arts, culture, education, hospitals, and aid organizations. They contribute to scholarship at Feinberg because Dr. Snorf is grateful for the education he received and is mindful of those who are unable to complete their studies for financial reasons.

Dr. Joseph Gugenheim and Terri Gugenheim (left and right, respectively) with the Gugenheim Scholar Kassandra Samuel.

Joseph J. Gugenheim Jr., ’72 MD, and Terri Gugenheim

The Gugenheims established the Terri and Joseph Gugenheim, MD, Scholarship in 2013 with the intention of providing vital scholarship support for a most-deserving student each year during his or her medical school career. 

Wildcat fans at their core, the couple served as honorary hosts as a part of the inaugural Feinberg tailgate party when Northwestern played Rice in 2010. Dr. Gugenheim even has the Northwestern fight song as his ringtone. He also served as an active volunteer during Feinberg’s 2018 Alumni Weekend, providing Chicago walking tours to classmates and guests. 

Muneer Satter ’83 and Kristen Hertel ‘86

The Satter Foundation Scholarship was established in 2008, and has provided merit-based support for 27 students since its creation. The couple’s deep commitment reflects their understanding of how scholarships can help to provide a competitive advantage for the medical school.  

While they were unable to attend the event, Mr. Satter (who also is a Northwestern University Trustee) and Ms. Hertel also were honored and represented by 9 current and 2 alumni Satter Scholars.

Touching Words from Student Scholars

Lia Benes, who is the Peggy S. Crawford, MD and Bruce F. Scharschmidt, MD, Merit Scholar, and Giancarlo Atassi, the MD Endowed Scholar, shared gratitude on behalf of their classmates for the opportunity to study at Feinberg. Both are first-year medical students in the Class of 2021.

“My acceptance from Feinberg was a dream come true, but at first it was a dream with an impossible price tag,” said Mr. Atassi, who spoke about the sacrifices his mother made to come to the United States from Colombia in the mid-1980s and establish herself in Miami. She hoped to provide a brighter future for both herself and her future son.

Lia Benes, M1 student speaker and Peggy S. Crawford, MD, and Bruce F. Scharschmidt, MD, Merit Scholar.

“It is because of all of you that I was able to make my mother so proud,” said Mr. Atassi. “I stand before you today every bit as excited to be at Feinberg as I was at the start, learning alongside the brightest, best, and most compassionate classmates and teachers in the world. Thank you.”

“On behalf of all scholarship recipients, I would like to thank you for your generosity,” said Ms. Benes. “Your gifts have enabled me to learn from brilliant faculty members who are leaders in their fields and to study alongside exceptional classmates who motivate me to be my best.”

“As a physician, I hope to embody the Northwestern value that ‘better is a quest,’” she continued. “I look forward to passing on this life-changing gift to the next generation.”

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“It is because of all of you that I was able to make my mother so proud. I stand before you today every bit as excited to be at Feinberg as I was at the start, learning alongside the brightest, best, and most compassionate classmates and teachers in the world. Thank you.”

- Giancarlo Atassi