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Students, Residents, and Fellows


We are committed to helping our students develop the skills that modern physicians and other healthcare professionals need to care for patients and to lead in the practice of medicine.

  • Scholarships
    Learn more about the impact scholarships have on our students and see a list of named scholarships at Feinberg.
  • Awards
    Each year, we award a number of named prizes to students who have excelled in medical school and/or have completed a specific research or community project.

Simulation and Medical Education

Through Northwestern Simulation, we train healthcare professionals to a uniform standard of excellence using the most up-to-date simulation equipment, ranging from partial task trainers to virtual reality simulators, hybrid models and full-body mannequins. As an internationally recognized leader in simulation-based education, we have trained thousands of healthcare professionals and are establishing a worldwide educational standard.

Donors can also support global health travel experiences and research funds for medical students, contributing to medical education that prepares future physicians and physician-scientists to have a global impact.  

Residents and Fellows


After completing medical school, new physicians move on to a residency training program in their chosen specialty, such as internal medicine, pediatrics, or general neurology. While residents in the United States are supported primarily by the government, gifts to residency funds at Feinberg can provide additional opportunities for these trainees, such as funds to pursue research projects and to travel to scientific conferences where they can present their ideas and gain new knowledge from peers and experts in their fields.


To become a subspecialist in a field such as cardiology, oncology, neurocritical care, pediatrics, gastroenterology or rheumatology, a physician must receive further training after residency through a fellowship. PhD recipients also pursue fellowships after earning their doctorate for additional specialization. Fellows gain a deep knowledge to share with patients and come to represent the best new physicians and scientists in the nation.

Feinberg’s highly competitive fellowship programs, facilitated through the McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University, reflect the full spectrum of medical and surgical disciplines.

The expense, time, and commitment required to train more than 350 fellows is immense, but the investment to prepare these future experts is essential. They will become our leaders in medicine, conducting high-impact research and delivering exceptional care to patients with complex and serious problems well into the future. 

If you are interested in learning more about supporting fellowships, please call 312-503-8933 or email us at