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In addition to serving in direct patient care, multiple Northwestern Simulation leaders have participated in emergent curriculum development and education activities including:

  • Development of multidisciplinary emergent cricothyrotomy and percutaneous tracheostomy procedural training for multiple hospitals
  • Leading training for donning and doffing PPE for front-line caregivers
  • Preparing videos for donning and doffing PPE on the clinical wards and in the operating room including PAPR
  • Expanding simulation education to enhance procedural safety and communication skills for Northwestern-affiliated clinical institutions
  • Designing and leading ICU training sessions for non-ICU providers
  • Facilitated training for safe ICU to OR patient transport

What We Do

Training on surgical equipment in realistic conditions

Surgical Simulation

Training leads to safer surgery and improved patient outcomes.

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Clinical simulation exercise

Clinical Simulation

Simulated clinical exercises allow healthcare providers to manage cardiac arrest, trauma, and medical emergency scenarios from start to finish.

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Mold used to create a replica for simulation

Innovations Lab

Northwestern Simulation’s Innovations Laboratory creates training devices to fill gaps in current medical education and improve curriculum.

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Creating a video based learning module

Instructional Design & Development

ID&D specializes in creating interactive learning tools and integrating them into medical education plans.

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Northwestern Simulation has trained thousands of healthcare professionals to a uniform standard of excellence in an environment where there is no potential for patient harm. Your generosity can help us in transform healthcare through education, innovation and scholarship.

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Designing and Implementing Simulation-Based Mastery Learning Curricula Course

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Happening at Northwestern Simulation

 In Memriam – K. Anders Ericssn

In Memoriam – K. Anders Ericsson

Dr. William McGaghie was invited to lead a team of scholars to write an article for the Journal of Expertise for a special issue (2021, Vol. 4, No. 2) in honor of K. Anders Ericsson, PhD, who died in 2020.  Dr. Ericsson was an internationally acclaimed psychologist whose pioneering research on deliberate practice became the foundation for the science of expertise.  The invited article, coauthored by Drs. Diane Wayne, Jeffrey Barsuk, and Barry Issenberg is titled, “Deliberate practice and mastery learning contributions to medical education and improved healthcare.”  The article is available as a PDF download at this link: 

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Cmprehensive Healhcare Simlain: Masery Learning in Healh Prfessins Edcain

Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Mastery Learning in Health Professions Education

Publication of Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Mastery Learning in Health Professions Education (McGaghie, WC, Barsuk, JH & Wayne DB, eds. Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2020) is a signature achievement by the Northwestern Simulation team. The book summarizes the body of mastery learning education and research performed by Northwestern scholars over the past 15 years.

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Spring Make Fesival

Spring Make Festival

Ellie O'Brien, research engineer for Northwestern Simulation's Innovation Laboratory, uses real medical data to design 3D-printed models for education and training purposes. Her work was recently featured in a hands-on exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. The exhibit, part of the museum's Spring Make Festival, allows visitors to explore technologies that are reshaping the worlds of design and production.

3-D Prined Mdels

3-D Printed Models

Models such as these, on display at the Museum of Science and Industry, are helping doctors at Lurie Children's Hospital train to create customized foot braces before they ever see the patient. Using a CT scan of the patient's foot, an exact replica of the bones and joints structure is 3D-printed with two different materials at the same time. This hard structure is then cast in silicone, to mimic the soft tissue of a real patient's foot.

Masery Learning Team

Mastery Learning Team

Department of Medicine faculty members with an expertise in simulation-based mastery learning work together at Northwestern Simulation to conduct research and education.

Sim Cener Open Hse

Sim Center Open House

Hundreds of attendees visited Northwestern Simulation’s open house on April 4th, 2019 and participated in hands-on demonstrations. Simulated clinical exercises allow students and healthcare providers to learn procedural skills, improve teamwork and sharpen their communication skills.

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