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Surgical Simulation

Prior to working with actual patients, trainees practice general and minimally invasive surgical procedures and skills training at the state-of-the-art Northwestern Center for Advanced Surgical Education (NCASE), using the same instrumentation and equipment available in the operating room.

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The surgical technical laboratory provides an environment for small- and large-group procedural skills training on a variety of simulators and models. This space can be used for didactic presentations as well. The surgical biological skills laboratory is designed to provide multiple work stations for biological specimen skills training.

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Northwestern Simulation is a designated American College of Surgeons Comprehensive Education Institute. Curricula developed at Northwestern Simulation for both adult and pediatric surgery have been disseminated throughout Chicago and the United States. 


We support surgical education researchers in ongoing studies to evaluate the effectiveness of our surgical training protocols. The more research we have, the better we can adapt our training to improve patient outcomes.

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