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Clinical Simulation

This space has five patient bays, two of which can operate as a double trauma room. Each bay has a control room where designated technicians run the simulation scenario from start to finish. They are equipped with medical air, oxygen, a code system and monitors for viewing X-rays.

In addition to the patient bays, the area has three dedicated debriefing areas and a technical skills laboratory. The audio-visual system is wired throughout the center, making the recording and capture process seamless.

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We are always adapting our educational opportunities to meet the needs of our trainees in an evolving medical landscape. Learn more about our educational offerings or, to develop something not yet offered, contact us.


Northwestern Simulation applies the mastery learning principles of deliberate practice, expert feedback and trainee assessment. 

Our faculty members consistently use research-driven best practices to improve trainee skills, enhance long-term skill retention and positively impact clinical performance to improve patient outcomes. They offer expertise in a wide range of topics, including cognitive teaching and learning, determining the effects of bias and human behavior and appropriate medical decision-making.

Browse our Publications to learn more about our research, including a book on simulation-based mastery learning authored by our faculty.

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