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Campaign for the Institute for Global Health Goes to London

(left to right) Sarah Rodriguez; Deepika Ranjan; Victor Roy, fourth-year medical student; and Dr. Mark Huffman

On October 4, Northwestern hosted more than 100 Northwestern University alumni at a reception and dinner at the May Fair Hotel in London. Hosted by the medical school’s Global Health Initiative (GHI), the evening showcased the GHI’s efforts to create global leaders and improve health worldwide. Importantly, the GHI presented its vision for a new Institute for Global Health. This gathering was the first international University-wide alumni event for the Campaign for the Institute for Global Health.

Dr. Robert J. Havey

Faculty from across the University spoke on topics of global interest and impact, including innovative research, clinical care, and education. Speakers included Mark Huffman, MD, MPH, Quentin D. Young Professor of Health Policy and associate professor of Preventive Medicine and Medicine (Cardiology); Kellogg student Deepika Ranjan; Sarah Rodriguez, senior lecturer, Global Health Studies and Medical Education and senior faculty, Medical Humanities and Bioethics (Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences); and Robert J. Havey, MD, founder of the GHI and clinical professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics.

“We clearly have much more work to do, but every year, new discoveries are made and old enemies conquered, leaving no doubt that with strong leadership and organized efforts, we’ll find a way to turn the tide on the glaring global health problems and disparities of today. In doing this, we will help to secure a better world for all of us tomorrow,” said Dr. Havey.

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