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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine is committed to providing a nurturing learning environment where all parties conduct themselves with professionalism and respect for others. To cultivate such an environment, we have various policies with which all students should be acquainted.

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  1. Assessment & Grades
  2. Attendance   
  3. Curriculum         
  4. Information Technology & Data Security
  5. Professionalism & Learning Environment  
  6. Student Health Requirements

Assessment & Grades

Assessment System Overview

Assessment Policy for Phase 1

Assessment Policy for Clerkships & Electives (Phases 2 and 3)

Portfolio Assessment Policy and Procedure     

Examination Policy and Procedure      

Reviewing and Challenging Academic Records Policy and Procedure

Assessment and Health Providers Policy

Visiting Resident Policy

Timeliness of Grades Submission

Faculty Appointments for Teaching or Assessing Medical Students


Phase 1 Attendance Policy and Procedure

Phases 2 and 3 Attendance Policy and Procedure     

Leave of Absence Policy   

Independent Study Policy

Religious Observation Policy

Public Safety Emergencies Policy and Procedure


Requirements for Graduation  

Access to Student Records Policy

Medical Student Supervision and Level of Responsibility Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Phase 1 Curricular Hours Policy

Duty Hours Policy

Completion of Required Assignments, Evaluations and Assessments 

Phase 2 and 3 Scheduling Policy  

Student Assignment to Clinical Sites Policy

Clerkship Log Policy and Procedure   

Clinical Transportation Guidelines   

Electives Counseling Policy

Global Health Policy

Tuition and Health Insurance Refund Policy for Feinberg MD Program

Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA)   

Latin Honors Policy

Information Technology & Data Security

Information Security Overview

IT and Computer User Policy

Media Policy 

Peer to Peer File Sharing Policy

Listserv Services Policy

Professionalism & Learning Environment

Safe and Healthy Learning Environment

Non-Discrimination Statement

Non-Retaliation Policy

Enforcement of University and Feinberg Behavioral Standards Policy

Student Code of Conduct

Feinberg Standards and Suitability for the Practice of Medicine Policy

Observed Misconduct Policy and Procedure

HIPAA Regulations Policy

Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools

Copy-Paste in the Electronic Medical Record Policy

Student Promotions Committee Policy and Procedure 

Student Recusal Policy   

Physicianship Forms

Medical Student Dress Code and Scrub Suit Policy  

Outpatient Simulation Peer Physical Examination Policy  

Anatomy Lab Policies and Guidelines 

Performing Sensitive Physical Exams Policy

Patient Caregiver Preferences and Refusal of Care by Caregivers Policy

Student International Travel Policy and Procedures

Student Health Requirements

Tuberculosis Screening and Mask Fitting Policy and Procedure  

Needle Stick and Other Blood-Borne and/or Body Fluid Pathogen Exposure Policy  

Infectious and Environmental Disease or Disability Policy

Influenza Vaccination Policy

Disability Insurance Policy

Stroger Drug Testing Policy

FSM Technical Standards