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Match Process & AAMC Road Map to Residency

The "match" refers to the process by which the students and the program directors rank lists that are overlapped, resulting in the selection of students for residency positions. Most students and other applicants secure positions through a "matching program." Learn about the organizations that coordinate residency matches below, and see our previous Match Results.

The Association of American Medical Colleges has produced a new, comprehensive guide for applicants to U.S. residency programs. "Roadmap to Residency: From Application to the Match and Beyond" describes the policies, procedures and practices associated with residency application and is useful for both U.S. and non-U.S. medical school students and graduates.

  • National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)
    Register with the NRMP for the main match by using your AAMC ID and password on their website. Registration and the Applicant Use Guide will be available in September. What you need to do: Register, pay applicable fees, enter rank list.
  • American Urological Association
    They will notify you of match results on the Urology match day in late January. What you need to do: Register, pay applicable fees, enter rank list.
  • Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS)
  • Military (Air Force, Army, Navy)
    Check with each military service for matching information. Students who match into military programs must notify Student Programs and Professional Development immediately of the program name, specialty, location and military service branch of their match. In addition, these students must fill out a formal withdrawal from the NRMP before Feb. 19, 2020. Students seeking positions in the Early Match Specialties may be required to select a first-year position in the NRMP.
  • San Francisco Matching Program (SFMatch - Ophthalmology)
    What you need to do: Register (see the CAS Applicant User Guide), pay applicable fees, enter rank list.