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Colleges, Societies & Student Organizations

Beyond the academics of the Feinberg MD Program, our students are encouraged to engage and network with each other as well as faculty and the community.

  • Colleges
    The colleges at the Feinberg School of Medicine provide each student with a familiar social and academic community that lasts throughout medical school. Under the leadership of a college mentor, approximately 22 students develop trust and help one another learn and adapt to the culture of medicine.
  • Societies
    The societies at the Feinberg School of Medicine link colleges across the four years of medical school, connecting students in a network of faculty and fellow students with varying interests and levels of experience. Societies provide students with a broad range of resources for learning, advising, support and community engagement.
  • Student Organizations
    Outside of the colleges and societies, our students also participate in a number of student groups based on social and academic interests, career goals and more.

Colleges, Societies, & Student Senate