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Budget Appeal

Adjustments are sometimes made when your cost of attendance exceeds that expected of the average student and the situation relates directly to your ability to remain enrolled in the MD degree program. These budget increases are made on an individualized, case-by-case basis.

Typically, there are three situations in which your educational budget can be increased above the standard level.  Contact a financial aid adviser if you feel a budget adjustment is needed for other reasons, including rent or other living expenses.

 Medical Emergency Supplement

If you suffer an acute medical emergency or problem while enrolled, you may be eligible for additional financial aid to cover those costs not paid by insurance if treatment is required to maintain enrollment.You also may qualify for additional loan assistance if you require prescribed medications to maintain your enrollment.

To apply, submit:

  1. A written explanation of the medical emergency/problem and the prescribed treatment.
  2. Documentation from the healthcare provider certifying that the prescribed treatment (including all medications) is/was required to continue your enrollment.
  3. Documentation showing the costs of the prescribed treatments and/or medications.
  4. Documentation showing to what extent these expenses were covered by insurance.

The Committee on Financial Aid for Students does not require a student to disclose specific information regarding their medical emergency/condition, only that such a condition exists and documentation as to the cost and length of treatment. In some cases, we will request billing information or receipts for prescriptions, in which case a student may black out information specific to a treatment, diagnoses or name of prescription. We request that RX numbers or billing codes are left visible in order to separate the data for appeal purposes.

Any increase in loan assistance from a Medical Emergency Supplement is limited to those costs that are incurred during the current academic year that will not be reimbursed by insurance. It may not always be possible to offer you loan assistance to cover the full extent of your medical expenses. Per federal regulations, the Chicago Office of Financial Aid cannot offer additional loan assistance to cover medical expenses incurred during a previous academic year or during periods of non-enrollment.

 Dependent Care Supplement

If you have dependents for whom you are financially responsible and you need additional loan assistance to help offset the costs for dependent care, you may be eligible for additional financial aid. Use this form to apply.

Allowable costs for the Dependent Care Supplement include daycare expenses and childcare services. The amount of supplement is based on actual costs incurred within limits for what is considered fair and reasonable rates. It is expected that you are obtaining dependent care services at the lowest possible costs.

Increases are not permitted for the costs of food and shelter for dependents. These costs are factored into the formula used when determining your expected contribution toward educational expenses.

 Computer Supplement

If you have not previously received a computer loan allowance, you may be eligible for additional financial aid. Use this form to apply.