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Curricular Components

The typical model of two years of foundational science and two years of clinical medicine misses opportunities for contextualizing learning in the clinical setting. Our four-year program weaves this training into three phases. Learn more about each component of our program and how it contributes to the larger goals of our curriculum.


Four elements are present in all three phases of the curriculum and form the foundation and framework for learning.


Unique content is interwoven throughout the curriculum to enhance how students learn the skills to practice 21st-century medicine. These content areas help distinguish Feinberg graduates as highly sought-after applicants for residency programs.

The five threads are supported by two additional components: Delivery of Optimized Care and Business of Medicine.

Learning Strategies

Our curriculum incorporates a number of teaching styles. This approach allows the learner to receive and apply information in different contexts and environments. Simulation technology, problem-based learning, team-based learning and scholarly research augment classroom instruction, starting in the first year of the program.

Find out more about our Learning Strategies