Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Education

Services for All Medical Students

Service Request Form

If you would like to request any of the below items, please fill out the service request form.

  • Jury duty deferral
  • Loan deferment forms
  • Official transcripts

USMLE Exam Registration

  1. Complete your portion of the USMLE form.
  2. Attach a picture of yourself and submit to the registrar along with the USMLE form.
  3. Unless otherwise specified, the form will be completed and mailed to the USMLE within three business days of receipt.


If you would like billing summaries and projections of future payments, please go to CAESAR.

Registering for Courses Outside of Feinberg

Cross registration/dual registration in School of Continuing Studies or Kellogg Business School:

  1. Contact the registrar to state your interest.
  2. The registrar will access current lists of courses available to Feinberg students.
  3. The registrar will forward the registration forms to the student and process on the student's behalf.

Registration Hold Assistance

If you would like registration hold assistance for student accounts, contact For student health, contact