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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
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Education-Centered Medical Home

NMPG Group

The Education-Centered Medical Home (ECMH) provides students with early and comprehensive educational exposure to team-based medicine in an authentic outpatient environment. Students work with the same preceptor and peers over four years to help care for patients and measure their progress. This learning model helps students build a professional identity as early as the first year of medical school, offers 360-degree assessment opportunities and allows for patients, peers and preceptors to give feedback on the student's progress in our eight core competencies.

  • Overview
    Learn more about the ECMH program.
  • Measuring Success
    Find out how we measure the program's success.
  • Why ECMH?
    Discover why the ECMH program is such an asset to Feinberg.
  • Sites and Preceptors
    Browse our list of the people and places associated with the program.
  • Resources
    Prepare for your ECMH experience with this full list of resources.
  • Scholarly Activity
    Review recent peer-reviewed publications that originated within the ECMH.

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Project Leadership

Jennifer Bierman, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics)

Daniel B Evans, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics)

Patricia Garcia, MD, MPH
Associate Dean, Curriculum

Rosanne Vasiloff, MD
Health System Clinician of Family and Community Medicine

Project Coordinator

Molly McCahill
Project Coordinator