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Clerkship & Departmental Awards

Within the various clerkship and specialty departments, fourth-year students have an opportunity to distinguish themselves in a number of ways in the clinical environment, including being active participants, motivated learners and showcasing exceptional knowledge and diagnostics skills.

M4 Student Awards

  • American College of Physicians Award
    For outstanding performance in the junior medicine clerkship
  • Department of Dermatology Award
    For the best overall performance in dermatology by a fourth-year medical student pursuing a career in dermatology
  • Department of Medicine Chairman’s Award
    For an outstanding graduating student pursuing internal medicine
  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Beatrice Tucker Award      
    For outstanding contributions to women’s health
  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Chairman's Award 
    For outstanding performance in the M3 obstetrics and gynecology clerkship
  • Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Chairman’s Award
    For best performance during the mandatory Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation clerkship rotation
  • Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science Medical Student Chairman's Award
    For an outstanding student in psychiatry
  • Edward A. Brunner Medical Student Award in Anesthesiology
    To recognize the highest level of academic excellence demonstrated by a Feinberg School of Medicine senior who has chosen to pursue a career in anesthesiology
  • Excellence in Neurology Award         
    Awarded by the American Academy of Neurology to the student who demonstrates excellence in knowledge, clinical skills and professionalism during the neurology clerkship
  • Excellence in Pathology Award
    For excellent effort and learning on the pathology elective rotation
  • Excellence in Radiation Oncology Award
    For excellence in radiation oncology
  • Fourth-Year Medical Student Radiology Award
    For best overall performance by a student pursuing a career in radiology
  • Frederick and Harriett Stenn Fund for Humanism in Medicine
    For demonstration of humanism and compassion in the practice of medicine
  • Neil Stone Award for Northwestern Medical Students
    In recognition of exemplary commitment to professionalism and compassion in medicine
  • Harold J. Pelzer Award
    In recognition of a Feinberg School of Medicine student who is applying for otolaryngology residency
  • James A. Stockman III Award for Excellence in Pediatrics and Child Health
    For excellence in pediatrics and child health
  • John P. Phair Award   
    Awarded to a fourth-year medical student who excels in the infectious disease rotation in both the intellectual and human sides of medicine
  • Jonathan Philip Reder Award
    For outstanding leadership and extracurricular accomplishments by an honors program graduate with exceptional involvement in In Vivo
  • Phi Rho Sigma Dennis Award
    For outstanding performance in all Phase 2 required clerkships
  • Julius Conn, Jr., MD Award     
    For outstanding performance in the surgery clerkship
  • Kenneth M. Viste, Jr., MD'66 Student Service Recognition Award         
    In recognition of outstanding service and contribution to the Feinberg School of Medicine
  • Lee M. Jampol, MD Award
    For outstanding achievement by a medical student in ophthalmology in clinical care and vision science research
  • Martin Lipsky Award for Excellence in Family Medicine
    Awarded to a graduating senior entering a family medicine residency who most exemplifies the characteristics of altruism, compassion and intellectual curiosity
  • Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award           
    For an outstanding student in emergency medicine
  • Urology Student Award
    Presented to the top student rotating in urology