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Medical Educator Certificate Program

The FAME Medical Educator Certificate Program seeks to prepare clinical educators for excellence in teaching practice through participation in a variety of learning and teaching activities. All Feinberg faculty with an interest in medical or health professions education are welcome to apply to this self-directed program.


Through participation in the program, faculty will:

  • Develop a theoretical rationale for educational practice in a variety of settings
  • Identify areas of strength and areas of growth though directly observed teaching
  • Integrate what they learn into medical student and resident education within the medical center
  • Generate new scholarship in medical education
  • Reflect on their experiences and establish an educational philosophy

Call for applications are open November 28, 2022 - January 23, 2023.

Program details and application requirements listed below.

For questions or to submit application documents, email

 How to Apply

Application Requirements 

  • CV
  • One-page letter of interest (name of mentor must be included in this letter)
  • Letter of support from named mentor - letter should include mentor's support plan (time, energy, dedication)

Submit all application materials to  


 Program Details

During the two academic years of this program, participants will complete the following activities:

Attend Lectures, Workshops and Meetings

  • Lectures: Participants must attend and complete a brief reflection on eighteen TIME (Today’s Innovations in Medical Education) Lectures. They're sponsored by FAME and held the third Tuesday of each month from 4 to 5 p.m. They can be viewed in person, live via Zoom or later online.
  • Workshops: Participants must attend ten faculty development workshops sponsored by FAME. They are offered the third Tuesday of each month from 5:15 to 6:30 p.m.

Review Online Resources

  • Participants can complete these online learning components when it suits them. They are expected to listen to 24 KeyLIME (Key Literature in Medical Education) Podcasts and submit reflection forms each.
    • The podcast series publishes a new episode every other week. Faculty can choose from any archived topic.

Teach Medical Students

  • Faculty must participate in four Directly Observed Teaching (DOT) sessions. These sessions should be observed by a mentor, certificate program leader or other expert in the field. Faculty will receive feedback at the end of each session.
  • Participants are encouraged to plan sessions in a variety of formats, such as lectures, small-group teaching, leading rounds, precepting students or leading simulations. View our MD Teaching Opportunities page to explore your options.

Create a Scholarly Project

  • A scholarly project includes, but is not limited to, peer-reviewed publications, curriculum development materials, an educational blog, research and quality-improvement initiatives.
    • The project must address an issue in medical education or answer important question within the field.
    • Faculty must provide a PDF or a link to the project, and will present it during a TIME lecture dedicated to this program's projects.

Reflect on All Program Activities

  • Routine reflections are required at the end of most activities listed on this page. These reflections should be concise but should also thoroughly capture your key takeaways from each activity.
  • At the end of the program, participants are expected to create and submit a statement of educational philosophy.

 Certificate Program Members

Cohort Fall 2019

Rachel S Bercovitz, MD, MS, Associate Professor of  Pediatrics (Hematology, Oncology, and Stem Cell Transplantation)
Janelle Renee Bolden, MD, Assistant Professor of  Obstetrics and Gynecology (Maternal Fetal Medicine) and  Medical Education
Samuel K Chu, MD, Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Wee-Jhong Chua, MD, Instructor of Pediatrics (Emergency Medicine)
Sue J Hong Routson, MD, Assistant Professor of  Pediatrics (Critical Care)
Sarah K Hwang, MD, Assistant Professor of  Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and  Obstetrics and Gynecology
Linda C Kelahan , MD  Assistant Professor of  Radiology (Body Imaging)
Amy S Lay , MD , Associate Professor of  Pediatrics (Cardiology)
Shivani G Patel , MBBS, MS , Health System Clinician of  Pediatrics (Cardiology)
Tara N Reddy , MD , Instructor of  Medicine (Hospital Medicine)
Giselle Rodriguez , MD , Instructor of  Pediatrics (Hospital-Based Medicine)
Heidi R Roth , PT, DHS , Assistant Professor of  Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences
Jennifer M Ryan , PT, DPT, MS, CCS , Assistant Professor of  Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences
Sean Sachdev , MD , Assistant Professor of  Radiation Oncology
Stephen A VanHaerents , MD , Assistant Professor of  Neurology (Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology)Medical Education and  Neurology (Neuro-infectious Disease and Global Neurology)
Michael C Verre , MD , Instructor of  Pediatrics (Hospital-Based Medicine)
Andrew F Wagner, MD, Associate Professor of  Obstetrics and Gynecology (Clinical Genetics)
Sigrid F Wolf, MD, Assistant Professor of  Pediatrics (Academic General Pediatrics and Primary Care)
Nicholas R Zessis , MD , Instructor of  Pediatrics (Hospital-Based Medicine)

Cohort Fall 2018

Cohort Fall 2017

Cohort Fall 2016

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