Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Feinberg Academy of Medical Educators

We represent, honor and support the dedicated medical educators at Feinberg.


Educator Opportunities

Dedicated and expert faculty educators are essential to the success of our students, residents and fellow. FAME wants all Feinberg faculty to see themselves as we see them: inspiring, passionate leaders in their chosen fields. We have a variety of opportunities to help you build and share your skills as an educator.

Medical Student Teaching

The MD Program has teaching opportunities to fit a variety of schedules, teaching styles and professional goals. Choose class formats and student groups that work for you.

Teach Students

Educator Recognition

Our Outstanding Teacher Award celebrates the most dedicated educators.

Nominate an Educator

Member Reflections

Teaching doesn't just benefit the student — it can have a profound impact on the educator as well. Our members share their insights and experiences below.

Tschoe, Marianne

Shah, Malika

Ryan, Elizabeth

Park, Christine

McGaghie, William

Levitsky, Josh

Joyce, Alanna

Feder, Robert

Carr, Michael

Benuck, Irwin

Baker, James

Arva, Nicoleta

 Barsuk, Jeffrey

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