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Cash Advances

Students may receive cash advances of whichever is less: up to $3,000 per month or the current anticipated credit on their account. Only one cash advance is allowed every 30 days. They cannot be processed before the start or after the end of the academic year.

Advances will be denied if you have not fulfilled all the requirements to apply for and receive your financial aid. For example, we will deny an advance if you have not submitted a loan application or any of your documents are incomplete.

Apply for a cash advance voucher in person with Cynthia Gonzalez in the Augusta Webster, MD, Office of Medical Education, or the Chicago Financial Aid Office. Another person cannot apply for/pick up a short-term loan on your behalf. Remember to bring your Northwestern University Wildcard when you apply. You will bring the voucher to Student Accounts, and they will then process the loan for you.

Cash advances, by definition, are repaid when the anticipated loan funds being advanced to you are credited to your student account. There are no finance charges or fees associated with a cash advance provided that the anticipated loan funds are received and credited to your student account. Should the anticipated loan not be received or credited, you will be required to repay the advanced funds from other sources, and you may be subject to a late payment fee.