Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Education

Professional Development

Professional and personal development are central to students' pathways through medical school. This element plays a big part in three components of our teaching:

  • Area of Scholarly Concentration: This is a highly mentored scholarly exploration tailored to the individual interests of each student. It helps students develop a long-term mentoring relationship with a faculty member and provides support through regular small-group meetings. Plus, it addresses the competency of Medical Knowledge & Scholarship.
  • Medical Humanities and Bioethics: Students take a sequence of courses in clinical ethics and attend two sequences of Seminars in Medical Humanities and Applied Arts. Both support the competency of Professional Behavior & Moral Reasoning.
  • Personal Transition to the Profession: This is a monthly course addresses the competency of Personal Awareness & Self-Care and allows students to discuss issues of personal and professional identity. Each month has a specific topic, such as work-life balance or coping with mistakes.

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Faculty Leaders and Curriculum Coordinator

Joshua Hauser, MD

Catherine Belling, PhD

Sue Anne Tae

Thread Leader

Richard Green, MD
AOSC Chair