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Repay Loans

There are many ways borrowers pay off their educational loans. We have compiled the below resources to help you research your options and choose the best path forward. You will also discuss an individualized repayment plan during the spring of your M4 year when you meet with Cynthia Gonzalez for your Senior Loan Exit Interview.

Repayment Options

Once your federal student loans go into repayment status, you will choose among many repayment options. The below video outlines these choices so you can select the best plan to help you meet your debt management goals.


Snapshot of Senior Loan Exit Meeting

Don’t want to wait to hear what’s covered in this important meeting? Cynthia Gonzalez provides a general overview of the information in this video.


Planning for Repayment Using AAMC Med Loans Organizer and Calculator

The AAMC’s calculator lets you review and save different repayment plans to see which one works best for you. In the below video, Feinberg’s Cynthia Gonzalez takes you through the tool step by step.



More resources:

Loan Forgiveness Programs

In the below video, you will learn about various loan forgiveness, scholarships and loan repayment assistance programs, including the National Health Service Corps, Indian Health Service, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, the military and other state and federal programs.



More resources:

Postponing Payments

Some borrowers in certain circumstances may find it necessary to postpone their loan payments, even after medical school. Please refer to the below resources to learn more about deferment or forbearance options.


Billing & Payment

See the Billing & Payment page for important upcoming dates and more information.