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Accept or Decline Your Offer

After your application has been reviewed and processed, an email will be sent to your Northwestern email address directing you to view your financial aid offer via CAESAR. The financial aid offer will provide a list of any loans, grants or scholarships that you are eligible to receive or that you reported.

In early July, the accept/decline process should be available to accept, decline or reduce your financial aid offer electronically via CAESAR. This must be done every time you receive an award notice email.

  1. Log onto CAESAR using your Northwestern email account NetID and password.
  2. Navigate to For Students > Financial Services > Accept/Decline Financial Aid Package. Select the appropriate aid year.
  3. Accept, decline or reduce your financial aid offer. Additional steps may be required. View the Loans page for additional instructions related to Direct Federal Stafford and Direct Grad PLUS loans.
  4. We recommend that you select "yes" to the Statement of Authorization. Current federal regulations require that we obtain your authorization to use Title IV assistance (i.e., federal loans) to pay university charges other than tuition, fees, room and board. Such charges might include student health plan, library fines, parking charges and U-Pass fees. Not providing the authorization means that you will have to make the payment for these charges yourself once you receive the refund of Title IV aid. You may rescind your authorization at any time by contacting the Office of Student Accounts. 
  5. Determine which, if any, loan materials you need to complete by checking your outstanding to-do items in CAESAR. Go to Financial Services > To-Do Item History, then select the appropriate financial aid year.

If the financial aid you accepted exceeds the amount due on your student account, you can access those funds via CAESAR on the first day of classes to help cover the cost of living and other educational expenses. This process is referred to as a refund. More details about this process can be found at our Request a Refund page.

If you are enrolled in a dual-degree program, please contact Cynthia Gonzalez for specific instructions about how to accept your loans.