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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Education

Medical Decision-Making & Diagnostic Testing

Medical Decision-Making & Diagnostic Testing teach students how to use data gathered both from the patient and from literature to guide medical decision-making in diagnosing, treating and preventing illness. Students are trained to do this in a patient-centered, evidence-based and cost-effective manner.

This thread draws from the basic sciences and clinical experiences that students obtain in other elements of the curriculum, using those experiences to illustrate key concepts in medical decision-making. For example, students will gain mastery in medical diagnostics, including which tests to order, the benefits of one test over another and how to evaluate results.

It also directly impacts how students share information with patients and their families, giving them the tools they need to conduct a competent discussion that outlines all the possibilities for diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

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Faculty Leaders and Coordinators

Kathryn Hufmeyer, MD
Medical Decision-Making Co-Chair

Katrin Leuer, PhD
Diagnostic Testing Co-Chair

Shannon Haymond, PhD
Diagnostic Testing Co-Chair

Anna Reczynski
Diagnostic Testing Coordinator