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Student Senate

The Student Senate is the official representative organization of Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine student body. The Student Senate functions to promote and maintain open communication and understanding between medical students and the University, medical school, hospital administrative staffs and medical school faculty by:

  • Reporting regularly to the student body
  • Soliciting ideas and opinions from students
  • Meeting regularly with administrators and faculty
  • Maintaining close contact with student representatives to the medical school and University committees
Sandeep Bharadwaj

Sandeep Bharadwaj, M1

Class President
Thompson Society

HometownBolingbrook, IL
Undergrad InstitutionNorthwestern University

Interestsplaying violin, traveling, meeting new people, stand-up comedy, outdoorsy things (hiking, scuba diving, etc.)

Nicholas Volpe

Nicholas Volpe, M1

Campbell College Senator
Cooper Society

HometownWinnetka, IL
Undergrad InstitutionUniversity of Pennsylvania

Interestsmusic performance, exploring Chicago, and the business side of healthcare

Anthony Bai

Anthony Bai, M1

Caprio Collage Senator
Ricketts Society

HometownChandler, AZ
Undergrad InstitutionJohns Hopkins University

Interestscoffee, local restaurants, life stories, memes

Nivaas Thanoo

Nivaas Thanoo, M1

Schaefer College Senator
Lawless Society

HometownBrecksville, OH
Undergrad InstitutionNorthwestern University

Interestsplaying soccer and tennis, learning and dancing Bollywood and Hip Hop, and (trying) to cook

Sahil Sanghani

Sahil Sanghani, M1

Whalen College Senator
Thompson Society

HometownCarmel, IN
Undergrad InstitutionPurdue University

Interestsplaying cello, soccer, rock climbing, cooking food, techy things, and implantable medical devices

Arianna Yanes

Arianna Yanes, M2

Class President, Senate Vice President
Thompson Society

HometownDayton, OH
Undergrad InstitutionNorthwestern University

Interestsblogging and writing, sushi making, traveling

Kosta Nicolozakes

Kosta Nicolozakes, M2

Hoffman College Senator, Campus Affairs Chair
Cooper Society

HometownWooster, OH
Undergrad InstitutionThe Ohio State University

Interestsjet, water, and snow skiing; sports med scientist that has cultured one plate of cells in his life, has never eaten ramen

Avni Bavishi

Avni Bavishi, M2

Marks College Senator, Student Organizations Chair
Ricketts Society

HometownHoffman Estates, IL
Undergrad InstitutionUniversity of Illinois at Chicago

Interestsreading books, watching the Bulls, and eating desserts

Ben Hopkins

Ben Hopkins, M2

Corcoran College Senator, Senate Treasurer
Thompson Society

HometownSalt Lake City, UT
Undergrad InstitutionBrigham Young University

Interestsplaying sports, playing guitar/piano, making rap beats (no rapping, just beats)

Wil Gibb

Wil Gibb, M2

You College Senator, Senate Secretary
Lawless Society

HometownMilwaukee, WI
Undergrad InstitutionUniversity of Wisconsin

Intereststhe brain, the Badgers, biking, black & white photography

Taylor Sutcliffe

Taylor Sutcliffe, M3

Class President
Lawless Society

HometownSt. Louis, Missouri
Undergrad InstitutionUniversity of Denver

InterestsYoga, skiing, horseback riding, movies, and neuroscience

Gabriel Weingart

Gabriel Weingart, M3

Ogunseitan College Senator
Lawless Society

HometownAgoura Hills, CA
Undergrad InstitutionUC Berkeley

Interestseating delicious food, listening to classical music, Game of Thrones, basically anything nerdy

Kate McGee

Kate McGee, M3

Montalvo College Senator
Cooper Society

HometownPalo Alto, CA
Undergrad InstitutionNorthwestern University

Interestsart, yoga, cooking

Roshni Bhatnagar

Roshni Bhatnagar, M3

Gilbert College Senator, Senate President
Ricketts Society

HometownWalnut Creek, CA
Undergrad InstitutionNorthwestern University

Interestshiking, biking, sunshine, happy people

Kyle Yoo

Kyle Yoo, M3

Patel College Senator
Thompson Society

HometownArlington Heights, IL
Undergrad InstitutionUniversity of Chicago

Intereststraveling, sleeping (a lot), hosting wine nights, going on blind dates

Caroline Dong

Caroline Dong, M4

Ali-Brisson College Senator
Cooper Society

HometownHolmdel, NJ
Undergrad InstitutionNorthwestern University

Interestssinging in the shower, culinary projects, embryology

Chase Thaddeus Maceo Anderson

Chase Thaddeus Maceo Anderson, M4

Class President, Academic Affairs Chair
Lawless Society

HometownLos Angeles, CA & Kenmore, WA
Undergrad InstitutionThe Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Interestschemistry, Charmed, Star Trek: Voyager, Soccer, Track, Fantasy (writing and reading), long walks on the beach, cancer pathway analysis

Nirali Shah

Nirali Shah, M4

Martin College Senator
Ricketts Society

HometownEdison, NJ
Undergrad InstitutionNorthwestern University

Interestsdancing on the wards to entertain our patients, playing with babies in Lurie, Starbucks holiday drinks, Netflix, etc

Aanchal Prakash

Aanchal Prakash, M4

Golden college senator
Lawless Society

HometownCupertino CA
Undergrad InstitutionUC Berkeley

Interestseating chocolate, lounging on the beach, and watching too much Netflix

Kristin Elinski

Kristin Elinski

PA representative

HometownTroy, MI
Undergrad InstitutionMichigan State University

Interestswomen’s health, figure skating, biking, yoga, rock climbing, piano

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