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Student Senate Executive Board

The Student Senate is the official representative organization of Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine student body. The Student Senate functions to promote and maintain open communication and understanding between medical students and the University, medical school, hospital administrative staffs and medical school faculty by:

  • Reporting regularly to the student body
  • Soliciting ideas and opinions from students
  • Meeting regularly with administrators and faculty
  • Maintaining close contact with student representatives to the medical school and University committees
Zachary Cross

Zachary Cross , M3

Ricketts Society

Hometown: Marietta, GA
Undergrad Institution: University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Listening to music, working out at FFC, watching suspense/horror shows, exploring happy hours downtown, and keeping up with intriguing podcasts and audiobooks

Lena Volpe

Lena Volpe, M2

Vice President
Cooper Society

Hometown: Winnetka, IL
Undergrad Institution: Princeton University

Interests: My hobbies include figure drawing and portraiture, running and exploring Chicago‚Äôs many amazing restaurants!

Michael Saporito

Michael Saporito, M2

Lawless Society

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Undergrad Institution: Duke University

Interests: When I have free time, I enjoy running, swimming, biking, cooking, baking pies, painting, and playing videogames

David Younessi

David Younessi, M2

Student Affairs Chair
Lawless Society

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad Institution: UCLA

Interests: Automotive racing, off-roading, backpacking, mountain biking, public policy, entrepreneurship, overindulging on free samples

Trisha Kaundinya

Trisha Kaundinya , M2

Academic Affairs Chair
Cooper Society

Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Undergrad Institution: Northwestern University

Interests: cycling, playing the ukulele, writing, trying to cook new recipes

Brandon Ansbro

Brandon Ansbro, M2

Membership Dev. Chair
Ricketts Society

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Undergrad Institution: Vanderbilt University

Interests: Basketball, running, music, health equity, reading

Doris Farje

Doris Farje, M2

Co-Communication + Website Chair
Thompson Society

Hometown: Arlington, VA
Undergrad Institution: University of Virginia

Interests: love to sing, travel, spend time with family :) training for my first half marathon!

Josh Mensah

Josh Mensah, M2

Co-Communication + Website Chair
Thompson Society

Hometown: Toronto, CA
Undergrad Institution: Northwestern University

Interests: Ice hockey, baking, photography. Medical interest of orthopedics or ENT

Hope Chen

Hope Chen, M2

Student Organizations Chair
Ricketts Society

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Undergrad Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Interests: Running, reading, playing with cute dogs, trying new recipes, spending time with friends/ family