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IRB and Practical Sites

Liza Rivnay is available to assist you with your practical research considerations, including setting up an IRB, REDCap, etc. Please email her to schedule a zoom or in person meeting if you require help with IRB, REDCap and other Northwestern research-related resources.

  • Request VPN access for Mac or Windows
    This is how you will be able to access the eIRB website and REDCap when you are not on NU wifi.
  • Ask your mentor to request REDCap access if you will need it for your project.
    You will need to fill out the REDCap user agreement
    REDCap is a HIPAA secure website that acts as a data repository. It can be used to collect data for chart reviews, or as a survey to send to patients. There are a lot of great REDCap tutorials.
  • Register for an eIRB account
    This is how you will access your study protocol and submit it to the IRB for approval/edits.
    Make sure to check out these IRB templates to help you write your proposal.
  • Get the Galter Proxy button
    When you are knee deep in PubMed and need access to a journal article, pressing this button and logging in will give you NW access without losing your spot.

M1 AOSC Reminders:

To set yourself up for success with your AOSC projects, please ensure the following:

(1) Your IRB protocol is submitted and approved.

(2) If you'll be using REDCap for your research, please make sure to complete the REDCap project user agreement and request a project. REDCap training videos are available here.

(3) If your study requires consent forms, please make sure your PI submits those along with the IRB protocol.

(4) You have completed CITI Training

(4) You have registered for eIRB (after your protocol is approved and your CITI training is complete) and have been added to your study's IRB by your research mentor