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Research Intensive Scholarly Emphasis (RISE)

The Research Intensive Scholarly Emphasis (RISE) program provides an opportunity for Feinberg students to apply for a fully funded extra year to perform research in a closely mentored environment overseen by experienced, productive faculty investigator-mentors. Once accepted into RISE, students are provided with intensive assistance in preparing for their extra research year, whether or not they plan to apply for extramural awards (e.g., NIH, American Heart Association/AHA, or other agency).  

We encourage students who are interested in RISE to contact Liza Rivnay to set up a meeting with Matt Feinstein and/or Jacob Sznajder to learn more.
Currently, RISE only accepts students enrolled in FSM. 

We anticipate that most RISE scholars will take their extra year for research after M2 or M3 years; only M1, M2, and M3 students are eligible to apply. Applications are submitted through a brief online form, which also requests that applicants upload their CVs as well as a brief (~1 page each) personal statement and plan of research for the year. 

FUNDING FOR RISE: Funding is provided at the standard predoctoral student stipend (~$35,000/year) to the student. Typically, funding is split to some degree between the student’s mentor and FSM; the most common is a 50%/50% split. The percent a student’s mentor contributes to the year’s stipend has no effect on the total funds the students receive for the year. RISE scholars are hired through the Office of Medical Education (AWOME).  

Status during RISE year: Students taking a RISE year are enrolled into an independent study status. Historically, this enrollment status does not trigger a student to go into loan repayment status. Tuition is not charged during the RISE year. For more information about your status during the RISE year, please contact Cynthia Gonzalez as needed.

NUSHIP: Students in RISE may qualify for NUSHIP. For more information and to determine if you qualify for NUSHIP, please contact the Student Insurance Office by email or phone (847-491-3621).

RISE Professional Development Reimbursement Fund: During the RISE year, in additional to the RISE stipend of $35,000 a year, each student will receive an additional RISE professional development reimbursement fund of $1,250. This fund can be used for workshops, conference travel, and malpractice insurance, among other professional development-related activities. Intended purchases must first be approved by Liza Rivnay. The process will be shared in the coming months.

ECMH During RISE Year: ECMH will not be a requirement during the 2023-2024 RISE nor in subsequent RISE years. Students wishing to keep up their clinical skills may volunteer at a volunteer clinic (no supplemental insurance required) or purchase malpractice insurance using the RISE Professional Development Fund to visit their ECMH.

Below is a list of faculty who have confirmed an interest in being mentors for the RISE program. Please note that this is not exhaustive and we are always happy to add more RISE mentors! In general, RISE faculty will be funded investigators with an active research program and infrastructure to take on student mentees.