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Research Intensive Scholarly Emphasis (RISE)


The Research Intensive Scholarly Emphasis (RISE) program provides an opportunity for Feinberg students to apply for a fully funded extra year to perform research in a closely mentored environment overseen by experienced, productive faculty investigator-mentors. Applications briefly outline the student’s proposed area of research and their long-term plans as a developing clinician-scientist; prior research accomplishment is not required to be competitive for RISE. Once accepted into RISE, students are provided with intensive assistance in preparing for their extra research year, whether or not they plan to apply for extramural awards (e.g., NIH, American Heart Association/AHA, or other agency). 

We encourage students who are interested in RISE to contact Liza Rivnay to set up a meeting with Matt Feinstein and/or Jacob Sznajder to learn more.
Currently, RISE only accepts students enrolled in FSM.

Tuition is not charged during a student's RISE year and, typically, a RISE student is enrolled in Independent Study during the RISE year.

We anticipate that most RISE scholars will propose their extra year for research to occur after M2 or M3 years. Applications are submitted through a brief online form, which also requests that applicants upload their CVs.

We encourage RISE scholars and applicants to consider applications for extramural funding to support their extra year given the importance of preparing grant applications in physician-scientist development as well as the unique career and networking opportunities provided by extramural funding programs. We are committed to supporting students in their extramural grant applications: although we anticipate faculty mentors will be involved in extramural grant preparation, the RISE co-directors (Drs. Feinstein and Sznajder) and program manager (Liza Rivnay) will be available to advise regarding grant preparation and logistical considerations (e.g. letters, IRB). This availability will be through both formal appointments and office hours. Regardless of whether RISE scholars submit extramural grants (and if so, whether or not their extramural grants are funded), we commit to providing a full, standardized living stipend to support the year off for accepted RISE scholars, with support coming from a cost-share model between Feinberg funds and mentor laboratory support.

FUNDING FOR RISE: Students are not required to submit grant applications. The funds are a cost-share between FSM and the mentor. Students who are accepted into RISE are ensured a full year’s stipend. Funds will generally be a ~50/50 split between the mentor and FSM. 

RISE scholars are hired through the Office of Medical Education (AWOME). Typically, 50% of the annual stipend is charged to a chart string specified by the RISE scholar's mentor(s). Curricular requirements generally consist of continuing with ECMH clinic. The timing associated with starting the RISE year is flexible and determined individually by the student in discussion with Student Affairs to ensure proper alignment with completing relevant exams/modules/clerkships.

Below is a list of faculty who have confirmed an interest in being mentors for the RISE program. Please note that this is not exhaustive and we are always happy to add more RISE mentors! In general, RISE faculty will be funded investigators with an active research program and infrastructure to take on student mentees. I