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Latest Curricular Updates

Our Task Force on Inclusion and Bias continually assesses of the medical school curriculum to ensure that it meets the standards of our organizing principal. Find some of the latest changes and additions to the MD curriculum for which our task force has advocated.

  • The Addressing Bias in Learner Assessment module, developed by Brigid Dolan, MD, MEd, and Khalilah Gates, MD, is linked to all evaluation forms completed on students. Faculty, residents and other assessors are asked to complete this module which also apply to letters of reference. Access the module.
  • As part of our commitment to improve the medical school’s inclusive learning environment Feinberg has launched a new asynchronous training module with led byLinda Suleiman, MD, entitled Advancing a Bias-Free and Inclusive Culture.  All Feinberg faculty, staff, students, and McGaw residents and fellows are required to complete the training.
  • 450 small group faculty members have completed “Developing Inclusive Learning Environments and Inclusive Teaching Pedagogy” a mandatory 90-minute training will led by Omari Keeles, MPH, assistant director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
  • Feinberg students participating in Bystander Training, an initiative that aims to create a safer, more caring and inclusive community by engaging all students, faculty and staff and asking them to play a role in shifting our campus culture.
  • 2024 college mentors completed a 3 session Sustained Dialogue series held by the Sustained Dialogue Institute to provide college mentors with useful skills for facilitating effective dialogue, particularly in topics that are often challenging.  
  • Bias reports continue to be encouraged and submitted by our students and monitored weekly. All bias reports are compiled and evaluated by Feinberg administration. Action is taken for each report submitted.
  • The Committee on Equity and Justice submitted a full report to Dean Neilson with recommendations for improvement of the Feinberg environment including changes in curricular update.
  • The Task Force on Inclusion and Bias has completed bias review of 306 lectures with learning guides.
  • The McGaw Medical Center hosted the first annual Health Equity Week, a series of panel discussions highlighting the roots of healthcare disparities and how clinicians and scientists are working to find solutions.