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Inclusive & Bias-Free

Feinberg is committed to an inclusive curriculum that is free of bias and promotes health equity for all.

We educate students in a safe and healthy learning environment that:

  • Acknowledges the existence and impact of bias and encourages open dialogue and reflection
  • Is inclusive in representations of healthy/normal/pathology
  • Avoids stereotypes
  • Acknowledges limitations of research that does not include underrepresented populations
  • Explores differences in health outcomes and responses to treatment
  • Develops skills for advocacy and intervention
  • Confronts and mitigates attitudes and behaviors that adversely impact people with various identities based upon gender identity, sexuality, ability, socioeconomics, age, national origin, culture and political/religious views

Visit our Task Force on Inclusion and Bias page to learn more. Our Task Force on Inclusion and Bias was create to continually assess the medical school curriculum and ensure that it meets these standards. Visit the task force’s page to learn more.