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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Education

About Us

The Office of Student Wellness in AWOME welcomes your comments and concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance or more information.

Wellness Committee


Mental Health Advocacy Subcommittee:
James Dickson (
The path toward becoming a physician can be stressful, and we hope to promote the mental and emotional wellbeing of Feinberg students during this time. The Mental Health Advocacy Subcommittee’s goals include combatting the stigma of mental health, normalizing help-seeking, and providing mental health resources.

Structural Subcommittee:

Kate Smith (
Tanner Hoke (
The Structural Subcommittee works with Dr. Hopps and the administration at Feinberg to implement curriculum changes and broader, school-wide initiatives focused on wellness. Currently, we are interested in assessing Feinberg's current approach to wellness and conducting research to measure outcomes.


Wellness Programming Subcommittee:
Andrea Rustad (
The Wellness Programming Subcommittee organizes events to bring together the Feinberg community, encouraging the practice of wellness in all of its facets, including emotional,​ physical, community, and spiritual. These events provide the opportunity for students to learn new wellness techniques, while connecting with one another. Emphasizing healthy habits and self-care helps avoid burnout and strengthens our ability to provide care to others as well.

Emergency Contact Information

In case of personal crisis or emergency, please contact us immediately. We can be reached regardless of time:

Sandy Sanguino, MD, MPH
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
312-227-5000 Pager 8192
(leave call back number)
Phone 312-503-0345
(leave voicemail message)

Marianne Green, MD, FACP
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education
Associate Professor of Medicine
Pager 312-695-8946
(leave call back number)
Phone 312-503-0354
(leave voicemail message)