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Pediatric Critical Care Clerkship

During the clerkship, students will join the pediatric ICU clinical team. They will be responsible for direct patient care, presenting their patients on rounds, documentation, designated procedures and reading pertinent literature. They are an integral part of the team under the direct supervision of residents, fellows and attending physicians.

Students will learn how to efficiently diagnose, evaluate and manage both common and rare pediatric critical illnesses in the pediatric intensive care unit. They will also assume primary responsibility for the care of 2-3 critically ill patients. Student will work two weekend days and two evenings in addition to regular weekdays. It is not recommended that students schedule residency interviews during this rotation if possible as there are not scheduled weekdays off.

An introduction to the rotation will be emailed to students prior to the start of the rotation. On the first day, students should arrive by 7:30am to meet the student coordinator John Norris (will ensure logistics including pagers and IDs are taken care of). Students will have a formal orientation with Dr. Mannarino sometime that morning (before or after ICU rounds).

Throughout the four weeks of the clerkship, students will participate in several simulation and hands-on learning sessions with Dr. Mannarino and pediatric critical care fellows and are expected to attend several additional didactic lectures, FIRM and Grand Rounds.

  Program Objectives (Competencies)

 Clerkship Goals & Objectives

  Assessment & EPAs

Students will be evaluated on:

  • A multiple-choice examination at the end of the clerkship; test questions come from material covered in core lectures, assigned readings and patient simulation sessions
  • Performance during a 30-minute case simulation on the final day of the clerkship
  • Regular and timely verbal feedback from the fellows and attendings during the clinical rotation; each attending physician also completes a written evaluation at the end of their week on service.
  • Completion of at least two Mobile EPAs, direct observation and the clerklog.
The final assessment will be based on all of the above and will be completed by the clerkship director. Final grades are honors, high pass, pass and fail.

 Required Clerkship Clinical Experiences (Clerklog) & Tools

 EPAs, Standards & Mobile Observation Forms

 Policies & Procedures


Candace Mannarino, MD  

Meredith F. Bone, MD
Associate Director

John F. Norris
225 E. Chicago Avenue, Box #73
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-227-1614
Fax: 312-227-9675