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ECMH Phase 3

Phase 3 ECMH has 2 major components, the continuation of your 4-year longitudinal experience in a primary care office as well as growing as a teacher. You will continue your bimonthly attendance at your ECMH throughout the year. The focus in Phase 3 ECMH is the continued care of patients longitudinally, focusing on moving toward independent management of patients with complex chronic medical and psychosocial issues. By focusing on time management and longitudinal patient care, students will continue to build foundational skills that are crucial during intern year.

In addition, you will participate in teaching M1s-M3s. This will consist of doing Peer Assessments on M3 students, as well as a mobile observation on an M1 or M2. There will also be one Weekly Report case conference during the year.

The goal of the clerkship is to give students the foundation of knowledge and skills necessary to care for ambulatory patients regardless of chosen specialty.

 FSM Program Objectives (Competencies)

 Clerkship Goals & Objectives

Detailed Goals and Objectives

Find comprehensive ECMH Phase 3 Clerkship Goals and Objectives.

 Assessment and EPAs


ECMH Phase 3 CPA form

Mobile Observation Forms (eMerg)


Students are responsible for being aware of the following assessment policies:

  • Assessment policy for Phases 2 & 3 (per AWOME)
  • Examination policy per AWOME


Section I: Components of the grade

Your clerkship grade will be derived from the following components:

Assessment and grading information


% towards final grade

Faculty clinical performance assessment


Breaking Bad News


Telemedicine Encounters - 3


Patient care conference/Weekly Report



Accountability  5  (timely completion of assignments, email responsiveness)

Attendance at ECMH (8 visits by end of November & 15 total) 10



M3 Peer Assessments : 10 (2 required)

M1 Mobile Obs :  2.5

Mobile Obs EPA 14 : 2.5





ECMH Attendance:

  • 15 total visits are required. 8 must be completed by the end of November.
  • 2 total COVID monitoring program visits can be used in the months of May & June
  • There is a limit of 1 ECMH visit per month during June and July.
  • 2 alternative ECMH visits can be used throughout the year. This includes visiting a different ECMH or participating in Operation Warm Blanket.

Telemedicine Encounters: 

  • Complete 3 Telemedicine encounters. These can be patient outreach calls, telemedicine visits, or following up on lab results. At least 1 encounter has to be a lab result follow up encounter.

Weekly Report: 

  • You will sign up for 1 Patient Care Conference throughout the year and present your Weekly Report

Breaking Bad News

  • Complete Breaking Bad News Workshop


  • Your preceptor should complete a mobile obs form on EPA 14
  • Peer Assessments:
    • Complete 2 EPA 14 forms on M3s. These can be an evaluation on MDM or Advocacy presentations. You may also complete the EPA14 form after observing an M3 teach an M1/M2.
  • Complete at least 1 EPA 1 form on an M1 or an M2

 Policies and Procedures


Beth Anne Scharle

Molly McCahill