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Pediatric Clerkship

The object of the clerkship is to provide the fundamentals of the care of neonates, infants, children and adolescents.

Clerkship Structure

The clerkship consists of experiences and in both the inpatient setting (general pediatrics, subspecialty, and in the normal newborn nursery with urgent care shifts) and in ambulatory pediatrics (locations in Chicagoland area).

Third year medical students are an integral part of the medical team and are encouraged to take ownership of their patients. In addition to learning well child care and pathologic states in infants and children, students learn to write orders and perform and write admission history and physical examinations, including their own assessment and plan. Students are expected to take part in all aspects of their patients’ care and to read daily about their patients’ problems.

Didactic Component

The didactic curriculum includes a series of sessions given by attending physicians. Students also have interactive case sessions with the Clerkship Directors, ethics sessions, and simulation sessions. Students are also invited to attend Morning Report, Resident noon conferences, Grand Rounds and FIRM conferences.

 Program Objectives (Competencies)

 Clerkship Goals & Objectives

Download the complete Goals and Objectives document.

 Assessment & EPAs

 Required Clerkship Clinical Experiences (Clerklog) & Tools

Students will be provided with a list of articles which cover general pediatric topics. All students my borrow a hard copy of Nelson’s Essentials of Pediatrics textbook while rotating on the Clerkship. Other numerous textbooks students have found helpful include Schwartz's Handbook of Pediatrics and Bernstein's Pediatrics for Medical Students. The AQUIFER are also a wonderful tool to assist with your studying. A great resource for the outpatient portion of the rotation is Bright Futures. This website goes through each well child care visit and questions that you should consider asking at each visit. We also provide a booklet to general pediatric articles which you should find very useful.

 Policies & Procedures


Robyn Bockrath
Robyn Bockrath, MD, M.Ed
Associate Director

Quiana Smothers


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Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
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