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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Education

Measuring Success

PCC Students

We measure our program's success based on the following categories:

  • Student reaction: Student attitudes, morale and satisfaction across all four classes 
  • Preceptor reaction: Preceptor satisfaction with the program; number that would recommend it to a colleague
  • Achievement of continuity: Number of continuity visits per student before and after the ECMH program
  • Ability to track outcomes: Quality metric tracking across sites and over time (number of NQF measures); improvement over time
  • Information technology/EHR impact: Number of students with read/write and remote access to EHR at their site
  • Educational scholarship: Number of student posters, presentations and manuscripts created
  • Patient reaction: Number of patients recruited or empanelled and their questionnaire responses
  • PCMH transformation: Number of preceptors or sites applying for NCQA recognition as a result of the project
  • Educational outcomes: Comparing ECMH to traditional track knowledge, skills and attitudes using MCQ items, OSCEs, USMLEs, clinical performance evaluations and clerkship grades