Career Exploration

Find your path.

These resources and opportunities can assist you in determining the next steps in your career.

  • Take the Careers in Medicine self-assessment from the AAMC to further define your what drives you.
  • Join a Specialty Interest Group.
  • Attend our annual career fair to learn about different specialties.
  • Learn more about a day in the life of a specialty through shadowing.
  • Seek out research opportunities through an AOSC project or through department specific projects.
  • Attend the Phase 1 Module Career Exploration sessions to about hear more in-depth from trusted faculty about their careers.
  • Weekly dean’s hours allow students to meet with a dean and discuss those specialties they want to explore.

Northwestern Resources

Learn more about your options by exploring what's available and getting firsthand testimonials.

Career Advising & Specialties

Explore class-specific FAQ and request a specialty career adviser during your M3 year.

Learn more about specialties

McGaw Residency Programs

Explore the scope of training opportunities Northwestern offers. Find specialty specific information on residents life, curriculum and application requirements in certain specialties.


See McGaw Residency Programs

Why I Chose My Specialty

Our faculty all took unique paths to their careers. Read why some of your favorite faculty choose their specialty.

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Residency Application Process & Resources

Be prepared for Match. Access information on the process, our application guide and other resources.

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Social Media

Search for a social presence related to programs and specialties that catch your interest to get an informative, less formal view into the life of a trainee. Check out these Northwestern Instagram accounts.