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Policies & Resources

Information Technology

Department employees will be held accountable to Feinberg IT security and policies. This includes information security, data storage and hardware/software standards. For information pertaining to data storage, purchasing, and encryption, please review the Feinberg School of Medicine and Department of Urology Information Technology and Security Policies 

PHI and Proprietary Business Information should never be saved to mobile storage devices, including laptops, unless there is an approved business case to do so.  If this type of data is stored to mobile storage devices or media, it must be done so using NMHC or FSM authorized mobile storage devices and it must be encrypted. It is recommended that all data is stored on FSMfiles or SharePoint.

All devices with a hard-drive must be purchased, onboarded, and deployed by Feinberg IT Procurement. These devices include laptops, desktops, tablets, flash drives (thumb drives), and external drives. If your desired item is not obtainable through Feinberg IT or listed on their site, consult Feinberg IT.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Anyone conducting research with human subjects or viewing PHI must be listed on the Authorized Personnel List of the IRB approved protocol. Learn how to update your proposal’s personnel listing.

Close studies when interactions with human subjects are complete and all data collection and analysis of identifiable private information have been finished.

Scientists will be held accountable to Northwestern IRB Rules and Regulations.

IRB Resources

Oncology Studies

The Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University is an NCI-funded center, and as such is required to abide by NCI rules related to research oversight. A particularly important requirement is the establishment of a protocol review and monitoring system, which within the Lurie Cancer Center is the Scientific Review Committee (SRC). The SRC is responsible for the review of all cancer-relevant research conducted within the institutions that comprise the center.

In order to comply with NCI requirements, all cancer-relevant research must be submitted to the SRC prior to IRB submission.

Research Resources

Grant Applications

The Department of Urology receives research administration from Sponsored Project And Research Catalysts (SPARCs). Applications (administrative shell, including the budget) must be submitted to the Research Administration Team at least 10 business days prior to the application deadline or they will not be eligible for submission.

If you are having trouble reaching your research administrator from the Dean’s Office Research Administration Services, and it is a time-sensitive manner, please escalate to SPARC Leadership:

Bethany Ekesa, Associate Director, Research Administration (

Janet Nelson, Urology Team Lead, Manager, Research Administration (

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