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The Department of Urology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine educates diverse surgeons with experience in all sub-specialty areas of urology. Supervised clinical experience in adult and pediatric urology combined with laboratory research offers students, residents and fellows a foundation that is essential to the diagnosis and treatment of patients and to developing their areas of interest and focus.


Student rotations in urology include time working with faculty members and residents in the outpatient clinical setting, wards and operating rooms.

About Student Opportunities


A personalized, integrated and flexible curriculum with a diverse case mix, balance between inpatient and outpatient care and subspecialty experience. 

About Residency


Fellowships provide advanced sub-specialty urologic training following the completion of five or six years of urology residency.

About Fellowships

Continuous Professional Development

Want to stay current on assessing, diagnosing and treating urologic conditions? Register for our virtual programs to learn from leaders in the field.

Professional Development

Physician-Scientist Training Program

The PSTP, led by the medical school's Starzl Academy, is designed to enhance the general training program with the opportunity for additional research-intensive training consistent with the needs of the individual and with the requirements of the specialty boards.

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