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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Department of Urology
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Conducting research to help advance men’s health in the fields of male reproductive medicine, sexual medicine and surgery.

 Nelson Bennett Lab

Studying the management of male sexual health

Research Description

Dr. Bennett’s research focuses on outcomes associated with management of erectile dysfunction, Peyronie's disease, disorders of ejaculation and orgasm, and low testosterone levels. He is currently examining ways to improve sexual function for patients who have undergone radical pelvic cancer surgery and for patients with low testosterone or Peyronie’s disease.  

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 Robert Brannigan Lab

Investigating the physiological, clinical, and social factors associated with male infertility and fertility preservation

Dr. Brannigan’s primary research focuses on fertility preservation (oncofertility) in adolescent and adult male patients with cancer. The overall goal of his research is to raise awareness of the issue of fertility preservation and facilitate access to care. He has reported the significant knowledge gap among pediatric oncology providers regarding fertility preservation recommendations for oncology patients and concurrently published a manuscript in Cancer promoting methods to incorporate fertility preservation care into the care of young oncology patients. He has also reported on the improvement in fertility preservation care coinciding with the establishment of a formalized fertility preservation care program at Northwestern. He continues to publish research to assist clinicians at other institutions looking to establish their own fertility preservation programs, including examining the preferences and perspectives of adult survivors of pediatric cancer regarding fertility preservation.

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