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Interesting Case Library

Join our team of Urologists as they share their most interesting cases encountered in the field of Urology. This case-based approach to each topic allows medical students, residents, fellows, and physicians interested in Urology exclusive access to uncommon cases in the area of Urology.

Case Challenge: Prostatectomy following Aquablation Therapy

Watch Edward Schaeffer, MD, PhD, Urology Department Chair and Harold Binstein Professor of Urology, walk through this patient’s post-aquablation MRI imaging and surgical footage of the robotic prostatectomy after aquablation.

Dr. Ashley Ross`s Interesting Case of the Week

Ashley E. Ross, MD, PhD, Associate Professor and Clinical Director of Polsky Urologic Cancer Institute at Northwestern Medicine, presents this week`s interesting case. Case Information: 63 year old male who was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years before establishing care with Dr. Ashley Ross. The patient had a prostatectomy of an outside institution and after the prostatectomy, it was discovered that he had locally advanced disease that had seminal vesicle Invasion. There was a positive margin and the patient had higher gleason scores, which was at least in grade group four. The patient first PSA levels after the prostatectomy didn't go to zero and instead it neetered around 0.3

Dr. Amy Krambeck`s Interesting Case of the Week

Amy Krambeck, MD, Professor of Urology and Chief of Endourology and Stone Disease at Northwestern Medicine, presents this week`s interesting case. Case Information: 73 year old gentleman who has been struggling with lower urinary tract symptoms for many years his symptoms consist of nocturnia four to five times per night getting up every hour almost, daytime frequency every half hour to an hour and a high postcode residual of 400 cc's. His ipss score was 25 and his Michigan incontinence score was eight. The patient has been trying multiple medications for the last 10 years including double dose of cancer as well as vanastra with no resolution. The patient's biggest fear is that he would be diagnosed with prostate cancer and be unable to undergo a radical prostatectomy should he have any type of surgical intervention for his BPH symptoms so he had avoided any type of surgery.

Dr. Joshua Halpern`s Interesting Case of the Week

Joshua A. Halpern, MD, MS, Assistant Professor of Urology and Reproductive and Sexual Health Specialist at Northwestern Medicine, presents this week`s interesting case. Case Information: 32-year-old man with a history of VACTERL, which is a syndrome where you can have vertebral anomalies and anal atresia and a number of other congenital anomalies. Patient had undergone a number of surgeries when he was a child, but really didn't have a great recollection or any great records of what those look like. Patient had been trying to conceive with his partner who is also 32 years old for almost a year, and that had led them to get some initial evaluation and semen analysis. The semen analysis should that this patient had had very low volume azoospermia so no sperm in the ejaculate with about 0.1-0.2 cc's on his two specimens.

Dr. Ziho Lee`s Interesting Case of the Week

Ziho Lee, MD, Assistant Professor and Director of Urologic Male Reconstructive and Robotic Reconstructive Surgery at the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, presents this week`s interesting case. Case Information: 49-year-old woman with a history of nephrolithiasis who suffered a severe peroneal injury during endoscopic surgery, the patient was undergoing endoscopic surgery for an eight-millimeter approximal ureteral stone.

Dr. Edward Schaeffer's Interesting Case of the Week

Edward Schaeffer, MD, PhD, chair of Northwestern Medicine Urology, describes the case of a 74-year-old man who was referred to our department for a second opinion after being diagnosed with unfavorable intermediate and high-grade prostate cancer.

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