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Health Services and Outcomes Research

Studying care delivery and quality of care for urologic patients.

 Greg Auffenberg Lab

Characterizing the variations in the quality of urologic cancer care.

Research Description

Greg Auffenberg, MD, MS, is a urologic oncologist with an academic focus in health services and surgical quality improvement research. He has dedicated significant time to investigating the efficacy and safety of active surveillance for prostate cancer, focusing on the variation in the selection of men for active surveillance and the follow-up care men receive while on active surveillance. He is currently working to develop system-wide interventions to standardize care for all patients on active surveillance. Other projects are focused on understanding the science of performance measurement, including leveraging electronic medical records and publically-reported surgical outcomes.

Select Publications

Curci NE, Lane BR, Shankar PR, Noyes SL, Moriarty AK, Kubat A, Brede C, Montgomery JS, Auffenberg GB, Miller DC, Montie JE, George AK, Davenport MS. Integration and Diagnostic Accuracy of 3T Nonendorectal coil Prostate Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Context of Active Surveillance. Urology. 2018 Jun; 116: 137-143.

Auffenberg GB, Lane BR, Linsell S, Cher ML, Miller DC. Practice-vs physician-level variation in use of active surveillance for men with low-risk prostate cancer: Implications for collaborative quality improvement. JAMA Surgery. 2017 Oct; 152(10): 978-980.

Auffenberg GB, Ghani KR, Ye Z, Dhir A, Gao Y, Stork B, Miller DC. Comparing publicly reported surgical outcomes with quality measures from a statewide improvement collaborative. JAMA surgery. 2016 Jul; 151(7): 680-682. 



 David Chu Lab

Studying pediatric surgical quality improvement and health services

Research Description

Dr. Chu is interested in chronic kidney disease diagnosis and management in congenital and acquired urologic conditions, clinical care variation, and preventable readmissions and complications following surgery.

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 Emilie Johnson Lab

Improving outcomes for pediatric patients with both acute and chronic urologic conditions

Research Description

Emilie K. Johnson, MD, MPH, is a pediatric urologist with an academic focus in health services and outcomes research. Her research interests and long-term goals are focused on improving outcomes for pediatric patients with both acute and chronic urologic conditions. She has a particular interest in projects with opportunities to develop interventions to improve the quality and safety of care and improve outcomes. Currently, Dr. Johnson is involved in research projects related to a variety of conditions that impact pediatric urology patients including urinary tract infections, disorders of sexual differentiation, and kidney stones.

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 Shilajit Kundu Lab

Prospectively studying quality of life outcomes in patients with urologic cancers

Research Description

Dr. Kundu has successfully conducted and published on prospective evaluations of patients with urologic cancers including prostate, bladder, kidney and testicular cancer. He has found that the impact of cancer treatment goes beyond physical limitations associated with treatment. His current research aims to understand the complexities associated with patient expectations. This includes balancing factors associated with patient satisfaction including patient personality, the physician-patient relationship, information-processing style, and a comforting experience with healthcare environment.

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