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At Feinberg, medical students play an important role on a patient care team. Student rotations in urology include time working with faculty members and residents in the outpatient clinical setting, wards and operating rooms.

Choose a clerkship below to learn more or contact Merima Music at 312-694-6083 for more information. You can also review the Urology Career Development page in the MD Education section of our site to see some answers to frequently asked questions about pursuing a career in our field.

Clerkship Options

 Visiting Student Electives

We offer visiting M4 students the opportunity to complete a four-week clinical rotation in either adult or pediatric urology. Students will be integral to the adult and pediatric urology services under the mentorship of the urology faculty and housestaff. Three weeks of the adult urology clerkship will be spent on each of the three urology services at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and one week will be spent on the pediatric urology service at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Alternatively, students may choose to participate in a four-week pediatric urology elective.

Applications for either of our fourth-year urology electives are submitted and processed through Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS). Full application information and requirements are available on the Feinberg School of Medicine Visiting Student site. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Visiting Clerkship Stipends for Underrepresented Students in Medicine
The Department of Urology works closely with Feinberg School of Medicine's Office of Diversity and Inclusion to diversity residency training by providing stipends to defray expenses for visiting clerkship participants who are from groups traditionally underrepresented in medicine. Both McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University at the Department of Urology offer a stipend for women and underrepresented minorities. As part of the visiting student application in VSLO, every student receives the McGaw underrepresented student stipend application. Responses to this application will determine stipend eligibility.

 Third-Year Surgery Clerkship

M3 students may elect to spend four weeks during the eight-week surgery clerkship rotating in urology. The urology rotation introduces medical students to the basic concepts of urology, enabling them to evaluate patients with urologic conditions and interpret laboratory and radiological tests. Third-year medical students are assigned a faculty mentor for the entire month. During the clerkship, students are valuable members of the urology faculty and resident patient care teams.

 Fourth-Year Urology Elective

Adult Urology

This elective for fourth-year students who have completed third-year clinical clerkships is four weeks long and graded on a scale of Honors, High Pass, Pass and Fail. It is beneficial to undecided students and those interested in family practice, internal medicine, neurology, obstetrics, gynecology, surgery and urology.

Students are integral to the adult urology services and work under the mentorship of the urology faculty and housestaff. Three weeks of the adult urology clerkship will be spent on each of the three adult urology services at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and one week will be spent on the pediatric urology service at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Under select circumstances, students are permitted to assume an intern role. Each student will be assigned a faculty mentor for the rotation. Students will continue to develop case presentation skills, organizing patient data in concise, presentable fashion in a weekly presentation didactic session.

Pediatric Urology

Students may also choose to spend two weeks (0.5 credits) or four weeks (1 credit) at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. They will learn the principles of endoscopic and open surgery. Students are expected to evaluate patients in the clinic and participate in patients' care in the operating room. Under the direction of the faculty and housestaff, the student may participate in kidney preservation activities and in transplantation. They also attend daily teaching ward rounds and the weekly surgical and medical/surgical conferences at Lurie Children’s and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Personal contact with members of the staff is emphasized.

This clerkship is intended for students with interest in family practice, pediatrics, surgery or urology. Completion of a junior surgery and junior pediatrics clerkship is prerequisite.

Summer Research Fellowship for Students Interested in Urology 

The Department of Urology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine is pleased to offer a paid research opportunity for medical students interested in urology or urologic diseases. The program will introduce students to the field of urology, foster mentoring relationships among students and leaders in urology, and encourage students to apply for urology residency.

 Program Details

Each student will conduct focused research under the direction of a urology faculty mentor.  Students will partner with faculty in the basic or clinical/translational sciences in addition to surgical and clinical shadowing in the Department of Urology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  Students will have frequent interactions with researchers, clinicians and trainees through participation in weekly multidisciplinary urology conferences, including grand rounds, tumor board and journal club.

At the end of the summer, fellows will present their research project to faculty and Urology leadership.  

Students will receive a $1,500 fellowship award at the conclusion of the summer program. 


  • Applicants must be entering their first or second year of medical school
  • Applicants must be available for the duration of the 8 week program, which begins in May.
  • Preference will be given to students from groups that are historically underrepresented in medicine
Applications are due in April and must include a personal statement, CV, and a letter of recommendation from any Northwestern faculty you have worked with in the past year of your medical education. Applications should be emailed to 

MD Teaching Opportunities

Passionate teachers are critical to the success of Feinberg medical students. The Augusta Webster Office of Medical Education is looking for Feinberg faculty to inspire future leaders by teaching in our MD Program. We offer teaching formats and schedules that can accommodate your needs.

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