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Regenerative Medicine

Establishing new urologic tissue reconstruction models and developing treatment strategies for inflammation-based urologic conditions.

 Earl Cheng Lab

Conducting bladder tissue engineering research

Research Description

Dr. Cheng's basic science research is in the areas of tissue engineering and bladder physiology. He is currently partnering with Arun Sharma to develop a tissue engineered replacement for bladder tissue that restores regular urinary function while avoiding the issues associated with bowel augmentation. Two major focuses of this research are scaffolding for cells and source of stem cells in bladder engineering.

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 Edward Gong Lab

Studying the mechanisms behind pathologic bladder degeneration

Research Description

Bladder dysfunction from obstruction or denervation is the cause of kidney failure in many pediatric patients. Dr. Gong leads research to determine mechanisms behind pathologic bladder degeneration. His goal is to develop therapeutic agents that can prevent loss of bladder function and promote regeneration of healthy bladder tissue in children affected by posterior urethral valves or neurogenic bladder.

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 Arun Sharma Lab

Urologic regenerative medicine/tissue engineering, nano- and bio-inspired materials

Research Description

The primary research focus of the lab is urologic regenerative medicine, specifically tissue engineering utilizing nanomolecules and novel synthetic biomaterials in bladder regeneration models. We study the regenerative applications of combining novel elastomeric scaffolds with an array of stem and progenitor cell populations in order to recapitulate the native bladder environment.

For more information, see the faculty profile of Arun Sharma, PhD, or the Sharma Laboratory pages.


Selected Publications

For a complete list of publications, refer to Northwestern Scholars.

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