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Information Security

The security of the medical school's systems and data are of the utmost importance to Feinberg IT. Knowledge of and compliance with our security policies and procedures are the responsibility of each staff and faculty member. Please learn more below.

Feinberg Information Security & Access 
Feinberg Information Security & Access offers tips on staying compliant with Feinberg IT policies.

Data Security Plan Requirements for FSM Research
Data Security policy and procedures, template checklist and examples.

Authorization & Access Control Policy
The Authorization & Access Control Policy establishes the requirements to ensure authentication and access to electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) or personally identifiable information (PII) is approved and sufficient to perform duties while maintaining compliance with university policies. 

Security Training Policy
The Security Training Policy establishes the required security privacy training and awareness as required by the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule.  

Device Security Policy
The Device Security Policy defines the appropriate use of personal devices and smart phones.

Physical Device Security Policy
The Physical Device Security Policy establishes the required physical attributes of a computing device and its surroundings.

Cloud Security Policy
The Cloud Security Policy defines the appropriate use of cloud services and the security controls to establish when adopting cloud computing.

Device Transfer & Disposal Policy
The Device Transfer & Disposal Policy and procedure establish the requirements for disposal, re-use, or transfer of Feinberg computing devices.   If you would like to submit a device transfer request for your computer, please submit the Computer Transfer of Ownership Form to begin the process.

Security Risk Management Policy
The Security Risk Management Policy establishes the information security risk management program and oversight for Feinberg.

Vulnerability Management Policy
The Vulnerability Management Policy establishes the framework for the Feinberg vulnerability management program.

Patch Management PolicyThe Patch Management Policy establishes the patch management program and oversight for Feinberg. 

Data Backup Policy
The Data Backup Policy and procedure establishes the required actions to ensure administrative data and research data is backed up, safely stored, and is accessible and available to restore ongoing operations. 

Log Management Policy
The Log Management policy and procedure establishes the requirements to record activity in information systems that contain or use ePHI or PII.

Administrative Computer Access Accounts Policy
The Administrative Computer Access Accounts policy defines the control and management of the assignment and use of administrative computer access accounts.

Administrative Computer Access Request
If you would like to request administrator rights to your computer, please submit the Computer Administrator Rights form to begin the process.

Assessing the Probability of Public Disclosure of Protected Data
This Assessing the Probability of Public Disclosure of Protected Data Policy defines the required method to assess a probability of unauthorized disclosure of protected university data resulting from all forms of device compromise and/or unauthorized data loss as a result of reported or discovered incident.