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These efforts are part of a University-wide initiative to improve cybersecurity and provide updated tools. Crowdstike Falcon was chosen because it is highly effective at virus and malware protection and has minimal impact on computer performance.

What does this mean for Feinberg-owned and managed computers?

In July, CrowdStrike Falcon will be automatically deployed to all existing FSM-owned Macs and PCs.

If you use a Mac, you will receive a pop-up message entitled "System Extension Updated" during the installation

  • Please click OK
  • A screenshot of the pop-up is found below

If you use a PC, the installation will occur in the background

All new or re-imaged FSM computers will automatically come with Crowdstrike Falcon installed by FSM IT

What should I do if I use my own computer?

Personal devices are not included in the University’s agreement for Crowdstrike Falcon. Since Northwestern’s agreement with Symantec is ending, Feinberg recommends removing Symantec by following the steps below and using one of the free antivirus options available for Mac or Microsoft Defender Antivirus for PCs.

 1)  Uninstall Symantec

 2)  Ensure your computer is protected

Have questions or need assistance?


Walkup Support in Method Atrium July 12th- 30th Terry Building 310 E Superior St. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1-3 PM No appointment needed.