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Instructional Technologies

Instructional Technology Services researches and evaluates emerging technologies used in medical education. This group partners across the organization to provide faculty development as it relates to educational technology and digital pedagogy. Explore a list of tools below, organized by topic. If you have any questions about using these tools or other technologies, please reach out using our consultation form.

Audience Engagement Systems

These technologies create opportunities to participate in real-time through polls, quizzes and Q&A sessions. Explore software such as TurningPoint and Nearpod for insight into student/audience understanding.
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Anatomy Learning Technologies

Explore augmented reality platforms (such as Complete Anatomy and HoloAnatomy) that demonstrate and allow interactivity with anatomical structures and systems.

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Case-Based Learning

Technologies such as Aquifer and DocCom provide structured learning experiences using patient cases to solve or examine in order to meet learning objectives.

About Case-Based Learning Technology

Concept Mapping

Concept mapping is a form of active learning that requires decision-making to construct a map and organize information. We recommend using Lucidcharts as a software for concept mapping.

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Discussion Boards

We recommend using discussion boards to extend the conversation outside of the classroom. Canvas and Piazza are two options for continued participation, allowing learners to ask questoins and/or reflect on information before/after/during a class session. 
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Learning Management Systems

A learning management system is used by students, faculty and staff to access and manage learning materials and to communicate information about academic achievement.

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Remote Lecturing/Conferencing

Learn about teaching on Zoom or recording your lectures on Panopto.

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Study Tools

There are a variety of other tools available for studying and student support. Familiarize yourself with tools such as Brainscape, Open Canopy, Thieme, uWorld and more by visiting our Study Tools page.
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