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Server Administration

Feinberg IT provides comprehensive server administration services. The team oversees the entire server lifecycle, supporting research, education, and administrative activities within the medical school. Both on-premises facilities and select cloud service partners to ensure optimal service delivery.

Features and Benefits

  • Consultation: Comprehensive assessment and planning, including infrastructure design and system architecture. Assistance is provided in recommending and procuring the appropriate software and server resources.
  • Server Management: Handling the setup and configuration of servers, ensuring compatibility with necessary applications and databases.
  • Monitoring and Event Management: Continuous oversight of server performance, availability, and health to ensure reliable operations and issue resolution.
  • Security Management: Regular updates and proactive measures to address potential vulnerabilities are taken, along with appropriate account management.
  • Server and Data Backup: Comprehensive backup strategies are in place, ensuring data integrity and recovery options.
  • Server Disposal: Decommissioning and data archiving is done responsibly, adhering to best practices and compliance standards.


  • Virtual Server Option: Virtual server solutions are available at no cost to FSM faculty and staff and are optimized for standard research, education, and administrative needs. These are cost-effective and suitable for tasks not requiring high computational power.
  • Physical Server Option: Physical servers are recommended for tasks demanding high computational power and enhanced security, backup, and data protection where Quest High-Performance Computing is not suitable. These servers, available at an additional cost, are housed in the University Data Center and procured through preferred vendors, following standard acquisition processes.
  • Public Cloud Option: Public cloud services operate on a pay-as-you-go model, and a blanket purchase order is needed to cover monthly consumption costs.

How to Request Service 

Please complete the Feinberg IT Server Request Form to request a service or contact for more details about how to meet your research needs.


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