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Learning Spaces & Classroom Technology

Learning Space Support covers all Feinberg spaces used for teaching and learning, as well as most conference and meeting spaces. This includes all AV equipment, as well as specialized medical technologies such as Butterflies, OtoSim, HeartSounds and iPads.

Lecture Halls, Auditoriums, Seminar & Conference Rooms

Please explore the Reserve a Space page for a complete list of rooms, capacity, and a list of technology in spaces throughout Feinberg. Booking a space is managed through the dean's office. 

Reserve a Space

Once you have a space reserved, please reach out to our AV Support team using the following form, so that we can support the event. 

Event Support Request

Flexible Teaching and Learning Solutions

Active Learning Classroom

The active learning classroom is a flexible and technology-rich environment. It features movable tables, digital displays, and video/audio conference capabilities to encourage collaboration and interactive learning.

Learn More About The ALC

Ultrasound Lab

Designed for independent student learning, the Ultrasound Lab features Butterfly devices integrated with in-room iPads, providing high-quality, real-time imaging for an immersive anatomy education experience.
Reserve the Ultrasound Lab

Mobile Teaching Cart

Designed to help facilitate remote teaching, the Mobile Teaching Cart helps you transform a lecture hall or seminar room into a teaching space. If you would like to use this adaptable technology, simply email us using the link below, and someone will contact you within 24 hours to assess your needs and finalize the arrangements.

Reserve the Cart

Remote Teaching Studio

The Remote Teaching Studio is an on-campus space that allows you to lecture in a synchronous (live) or asynchronous (recorded) capacity. The space is ready to go for your recording and streaming. To book the studio, email us using the link below, and someone will contact you within 24 hours to assess your needs and finalize the arrangements

Schedule the Studio

Room Technologies


Feinberg has dedicated iPads in the ALC and the Anatomy Lab. Additional sets of iPads can be reserved and utilized in other learning spaces for the MD program. 


Butterflies are handheld ultrasound devices used in a variety of teaching and learning settings at Feinberg. Each device is paired with an iPad (or iPhone). We provide them with a portable stand for ease of use and they can be used in nearly any room at the medical school. We strongly encourage you reserve them early.


The OtoSim system is used to teach learners to give an ear exam. This technology can be used in a variety of spaces. The OtoSim requires significant setup time and should be reserved at least one week in advance.


Heartsounds is an app of heart sounds to teach students about various heart defects. While the technology can be used in a variety of locations, it’s best to only use this in rooms with the best sound quality. We strongly recommend using this in the ALC. 


Still have questions about the best space to fit your needs, or what technologies a space can accommodate? 

Consult with Ed Tech