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Teaching Support & Instructional Design

The Instructional Technology & Design division of Ed Tech can help you find and apply instructional strategies to improve your teaching. We match your teaching style with educational theories that help enhance your natural practice. Consultations in this area can transform your teaching into something more enjoyable for you and more engaging for your students. Sometimes the best technology is no technology — you just need a little coaching. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation.

 Collaborate with Instructional Designers
Schedule a consultation to address different teaching challenges you might face or achieve more clarity on your teaching practice  

Instructional Design applies to many facets of teaching and learning, and everyone has their own approach. We can work with you to conceptualize solutions to many teaching challenges in domains ranging from synchronous classroom instruction to blended learning initiatives to full-breadth online learning. Emphasizing a team approach, we can adapt instructional design principles to your unique teaching style, from no-tech to high-tech and everything in between.

Collaborative projects include:

  • Video-based instruction
  • Interactive online learning modules
  • Lecture, course and curricular planning

Contact us to connect on a collaborative project.

 Engage with Active Learning Best Practices
Collaborate with Ed Tech on many different strategies to engage students in the classroom

Active learning enables students to efficiently build knowledge and understanding by having them engage in activities that require higher order thinking skills. The active learning strategies instructors implement in class can accelerate student skill development by optimizing how students encounter, engage and reflect on new information and ideas.

From Think-Pair-Share exercises to using Audience Response Systems, there are a variety of ways to engage students in active learning (see the University of Minnesota's Center for Educational Innovation for a variety of strategies).

The Ed Tech team is here to help you develop active learning strategies that enable your learning objectives and provide students practice on the specific skills you have determined they need. Contact the Ed Tech team at for a brief consultation on tailoring active learning techniques to your specific class session.

 Utilize Student Response Systems
Learn how to collect real-time feedback from students on their comprehension 

Read more about Point Solutions and Nearpod, both highly used technologies at FSM. Many of the technologies listed on our website require account activation by a Feinberg account administrator. To get started using one of the tools listed below, please email Ed Tech

 Improve Your Slide Presentations
Work with instructional designers and technologists to edit pre-existing slide decks

Instructional Technology & Design offers personal consultations with faculty who would like to make their presentation materials easier to understand and more effective. This includes:

  • a focus on visual design
  • tips for decluttering content
  • feedback on overall narrative design of lectures
We leverage evidence-based pedagogy, our own skills as instructors and designers and an institutional understanding of what resonates with our Feinberg student body. Whether you are refining a tried-and-true PowerPoint deck or just starting out with a new lecture, we are happy to help. Contact us to start the conversation.

 Write Effective Exam Questions
Talk to Ed Tech staff to review and discuss pre-written exam questions or discuss your options and approaches

High-quality exam questions are essential to the valid and reliable assessment of students’ knowledge and skills. Not only do well-written exam questions enable instructors to effectively judge the quality of student learning, but they also help instructors continuously improve their courses or module sessions.

The Ed Tech team is here to help instructors effectively write new or improved exam questions that can enhance learning outcomes. Contact us for a brief consultation.