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Active Learning Classroom

This classroom is designed to engage students in dynamic ways, fostering communication and collaboration among peers. The room's technology aims to enhance your teaching methods to create impactful learning experiences for your students. 
  • Open flat-floor classroom space (McGaw 1250) with recessed "air" walls the accommodate various size groups and can be distinguished into four separate room
  • 24 movable, eight-person tables for group work
  • Each room features a teaching station and audio station to allow for communication and collaboration across adjacent rooms
  • Seven digital displays per room (one per group, one for the instructor)
  • Digital displays support wireless connectivity, enabling students to easily share content via a unique URL using any web-enabled device
  • Mobile whiteboards
  • Ceiling and podium-mounted documented cameras
  • Video/audio conference capabilities

If this room is not available, we recommend considering Grey Seminar Room, SQ 2200. While these rooms lack technological functionality, they can still accommodate some active learning as well as video conferencing.


Read More about the ALC: "Premier Active Learning Environment Launches at Feinberg"