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Audience Engagement Systems

Many of the technologies listed on our website require account activation by a Feinberg account administrator. To get started using one of the tools listed below, please click the button to email Ed Tech. We will connect you with the appropriate administrator and send you any required training information. 

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Point Solutions

Point Solutions (formerly Turning Point) is an audience response system that allows instructors to create polls that directly integrate into PowerPoint. During class, instructors display a poll onscreen and students respond with any web-enabled device. Results appear on the display for the class to discuss or for the instructor to grade. Instructors can use Point Solutions to give an in-class assessment, prompt discussions and determine how well a class understands course material to increase student engagement and facilitate inclusive teaching.


Nearpod is a student engagement platform that allows instructors to create interactive presentations comprised of quizzes, polls, collaborate boards, videos, annotation exercises and more. Slide decks from Google Slides and PowerPoint as well as PDFs can also be easily converted into a Nearpod presentation. Students can engage Nearpod exercises displayed onscreen with any web-enabled device, and instructors can create dynamic formative assessments suitable for a variety of teaching contexts.

Resources about Nearpod's effectiveness: