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Anatomy Learning Technologies

Many of the technologies listed on our website require account activation by a Feinberg account administrator. To get started using one of the tools listed below, please click the button to email Ed Tech. We will connect you with the appropriate administrator and send you any required training information.

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Complete Anatomy

Complete Anatomy is a three-dimensional and augmented reality anatomy platform comprised of interactive anatomy models, clinical video animations and virtual dissection tools. An interactive anatomy atlas sits at the center of the platform and informs its features, which include full female and male gross anatomy models, radiological images, tissue and cell models, muscle motion and bone mapping. The Curriculum Manager gives instructors access to stock interactive resources and enables them to create interactive resources that can be shared with students and other educators.

Holo Anatomy

HoloAnatomy is an augmented reality platform that allows students to engage three-dimensional holograms of anatomical structures and systems, including those difficult to see in cadavers, such as lymphatics and the ductal system. Students wearing Microsoft HoloLens headsets can pan in and out on these anatomical holograms and can even step inside them to obtain a close-up view of minute anatomical details.