Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Research Administration Services Team

Heather Campbell, Vice Dean for Finance and Administration
heather.campbell1( at )

Cyndie Shannon-Hutchison, Director, Research Administration
csh( at )

Adrienne Thomas, Manager, Research Administration
adrienne.thomas( at )

Jyrell Keys, Manager, Research Administration
jyrell.keys( at )

John Maurer, Senior Research Administrator
johnmaurer( at )

Aparna Menon, Senior Research Administrator
aparna.menon( at )

Janet Nelson, Senior Research Administrator
janet.nelson( at )

NinaMari Pourahmadi, Senior Research Administrator
nina.pourahmadi( at )

Darlene Ratliff, Research Administrator
ratliff( at )

J. Haskell Swygert, Research Administrator
haskell( at )

Brent Smith, Senior Financial Administrator
brent.smith( at )

Alexandra O'Donnell, Supervisor, Financial Administration
alexandra.odonnell( at )

Nick Malone, Financial Administrator
nick( at )

Alexandra Manetas, Financial Administrator
a.manetas( at )

Cody Hanchett, Financial Coordinator
cody.hanchett( at )