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Gender Affirming Care

The Northwestern Medicine Gender Pathways Program provides high quality, affirming health care to transgender and non-binary people through the consideration of a person's holistic experience of their gender across the lifespan. In addition, the Gender Pathways Program promotes education, research, and advocacy to advance the progress of gender affirming care.

Diana Bowen, MD, Assistant Professor of Urology, is co-founder of the Gender Pathways Program and member of the program’s surgical services team.

Selected Media

In this video, Dr. Bowen discusses the Northwestern Medicine Gender Pathways Program. She shares her approach to care for transgender and gender-diverse patients and exciting projects currently underway at Northwestern.


Research efforts are focused on advancing the progress of gender affirming care, including a person's medical, emotional, social, and legal transition. 

 Patient Care

The Northwestern Medicine Gender Pathways Program is committed to providing gender affirming care to transgender and gender non-binary individuals. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists offer a range of surgical, medical, and mental health services from medical providers who are dedicated to helping people achieve their unique transition-related goals
The Northwestern Medicine gender pathways team talking with a patient.

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